The 18 stages of realising your step-brother went to your ex’s wedding and not yours

kim kardashian step brother brody jenner reggie bush wedding
Brody’s girlfriend, the bride and groom and Brody Jenner

Kim Kardashian’s step brother Brody Jenner didn’t attend her lavish wedding because his girlfriend wasn’t invited, which is pretty awkward.

What’s even more awkward is the fact that he attended Kim’s ex boyfriend Reggie Bush’s wedding yesterday. Shade much?

Naturally Kim went through a number of different emotions which I have collected for you and will now present in: The 18 stages of realising your step-brother went to your ex’s wedding and not yours.

Stage 1:

kim kardashian confused

Sorry what am I looking at?

Stage 2:

Kim-Kardashian open mouth

Is that Brody?

Stage 3:

kim kardashian close up

Yeah, yeah I’m ok. Let me just swallow the vomit that’s trying to escape from my mouth.

Stage 4:

kim kardashian shocked


Stage 5:

kim kardashian confused 2


Stage 6:

kim kardashian shocked face 2

I am so fricking pissed

Stage 7:

kim kardashian annoyed brody jenner

They’re not even real friends.

Stage 8:

Why would they invite Brody? No one even knows what he does. Do you know what he does?

Stage 9:

kim kardashian disgusted

She look like a slut, who poses like that on their wedding day?!

Stage 10:

kim kardashian i dont like it

And why is Reggie wearing a bow tie?

Stage 11:

kim kardashian shocked face

They had burgers at their wedding. I love food!

Stage 12:

kim-kardashian wide eyes

Do you think they talked about me? Find out if they talked about meeee!!!

Stage 13:

kim kardashian crying

Why would he get married two months after me? Why didn’t he marry me. Why is she wearing a white dress? She’s not even a virgin.

Stage 14:


Theres a story in the Daily Mail about their wedding?! Mum tell them to remove it.

Stage 15:

kim kardashian crying funny

Am I hideous is that why he didn’t marry me?

Stage 16:

kim kardashian selfie

Wait am I hideous? *takes selfie*

Stage 17:

kim kardashian relieved

Phew. I’m still hot.

Stage 18:


Babe, lets post a selfie together so everyone can see that I don’t care about Reggie marrying that thot.

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