Six things that turn bus drivers on

Bus drivers are known for being a lot of things. Most of those things are synonyms of the word annoying. But what makes bus drivers happy? What turns an irritating bus driver into one that doesn’t make you hate public transport even more than you already do?

Here are six things that turn bus drivers on. Get involved.

1. Seeing the same number bus pass them in the opposite direction.

Yo Winston!
Yo Winston! Wagwan.

2. Seeing girls in short skirts.

pervy bus drivers girls

3. Driving past hundreds of people in an empty bus.

bus driver strike london

4. Giving out the wrong directions.

wrong bus

5. Hearing that glorious ‘negative balance on your Oyster card’ beep.


6.Waiting a good thirty seconds before they open the exit doors. Making you panic and frantically press the stop button.

london bus stress

Don’t you just hate bus drivers! (Except for the good-looking ones with dreadlocks and caramel skin)

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